Wisdom Tooth Pain Recovery

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wisdom tooth painYou’ve just returned from the oral surgeon after your wisdom teeth extraction. Your cheeks are
puffy, the sides of your mouth are a little numb and you’re wondering what is coming up next. If
you can remember what the surgeon said then you are a step in the right direction to recovery.
If you have forgotten, fear not because we are here to describe to you a little about the recovery
process post wisdom teeth extraction.

Whether you’ve had two or all four removed, you may be experiencing some discomfort in the
areas of these once existing molars. If you are still numb, be careful not to move the mouth
excessively and chew on your tongue or cheek. That will be painful later on. While the swelling
is at its peak, be sure to ice down the inflamed areas from the outside for 1520
minutes two or three times an hour. This will help bring down swelling for the first two days until you are ready
to oral rinse. Since you have exposed wounds in the mouth, it is best to perform a warm
water/salt mix the day after surgery to help cleanse the area of bacteria. This will be the same
time you can resume brushing your teeth, gently, in order to avoid scratching the blood clots. If
you are weary of taking the prescribed painkillers, try to at least take the antibiotics to combat
possible infection. If you are still bleeding after 3 to 4 days, contact your oral surgeon because
you may be at risk of an infection.

The term “wisdom tooth diet” refers to only eating soft foods after the removal of your wisdom
teeth. The food may not be as boring as you think! Since we are not restricted to gelatin and ice
cream anymore, treat yourself to other soft foods like hummus, creamy guacamole or ramen
broth to stimulate the taste buds. Don’t rush back into harder foods until you are ready, these
types of food can get stuck in the open pockets where the teeth were extracted and can lead to
infection if not rinsed out properly. Fortunately, this will only last a few days so don’t stress! You
are not stuck to soft foods for too long. A crucial part of the wisdom tooth diet is not to use a
straw until you are recovered. The sucking action made when using a straw can loosen blood
clots prolonging the healing process. Rehydrate yourself, recovering from surgery may leave
you slightly parched. Since you really have nothing else to do in the meantime, be sure to give
your body adequate amounts of water while you’re watching Netflix. Try not to smoke and avoid
alcohol during your healing process. The Netflix and temptation to not go back to work and stay
“in recovery” for a while will be there, fight it, you’ve probably got student loans to pay off.
We know you may be an all natural person however if you are experiencing extreme discomfort,
it’s okay to take some ibuprofen to bring down the swelling. If you are experiencing slight
bruising and discoloration two to three days after surgery, provide a warm compress to the area.
Depending on the severity of your extracted wisdom teeth, you should be all healed and ready
to go on day four granted the recovery was smooth. While you’re out there enjoying all the
delicious foods and beers you want, carry your syringe to flush out any particles that may get
caught in the holes.

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