Custom Sliding Doors Continue to Rise in Popularity

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Sliding Closet DoorIt doesn’t take much to realize that custom sliding closet doors are gaining more popularity these days. Residents and commercial enterprises are gobbling up with gusto this trend, which according to experts will not let up for many years to come.

Custom sliding doors are growing steadily in usage each year mainly because designers are discovering new ways to integrate them into spaces.

Due to its explosive growth, a new revolution in manufacturing these custom sliding closet doors and hardware has stepped up to meet the spike in demand. Not too long ago, sliding barn doors were only available by custom design and build specs, but now they also come in a plethora of pre-fabricated options.

The hardware that accompanies the door has evolved as well with an unlimited amount of finishes, styles, and how durable the door is. It was only just recently that custom sliding closet doors were used in healthcare and office settings. Custom sliding closet doors are replacing traditional hinged doors that open inward/outwards in several new ways:

City Loft Apartments

Many associates, sales representatives, and store owners have seen a burst of custom sliding glass doors being used in revitalization projects. Old warehouses, manufacturing buildings, and even loft apartments have begun to select these custom sliding closet doors over more traditional options.

A mixture of exposed brick and columns helps the space retain its industrial feel of the room. Many young professionals happen to love this architectural style!

A rustic looking door is just what an industrial loft apartment might install for spaces that require privacy and style. Bedrooms and bathrooms will look super stylish when using a worn-out piece of hardwood to make something new (the door) look older.


A youth center would be a perfect choice for installing a custom sliding closet door. One side of the room could be used for a dedicated meeting area for prayer and study. The other side of the room could be used for games, events, and casual activities.

Choosing a large-scale sliding custom closet door to match a rough, industrial space can add a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the room. Exposed hardware secured to a wood barn door makes sense in any large-scale opening where you are going to leave it open most of the time.

ADA Applications

Besides the amazingly helpful benefits of saving space which is precious custom sliding closet doors meet ADA requirements as they are easy to for disabled people to use. From the positon of being in a wheel chair, it is much easier to operate a custom sliding closet door than a traditional open-wide door. People who are in motorized wheelchairs will find it a great help against the limited use of their hands. Opting for a larger opening will eradicate the worries of scuffing woodwork and doors while moving between different rooms in their wheelchair.


Most of the major hotel chains are currently investigating the use of custom sliding closet doors for their facilities. In guest rooms where pace is limited a little extra space is greatly appreciated! Hotels tend to use doors that look more shiny and sleek rather than rustic or industrial in their appearance. Custom sliding closet doors not only look great, but they overcome the annoying “door swing.” Custom sliding closet doors are mainly being used for the bathroom and closet door areas of a hotel room space. Aesthetically pleasing sliding doors are becoming the trend in hotels and will continue to be used for their space saving qualities.


Favored more for their charm, sleek looks and delightful appearance rather than their functionality, an establishment that serves food and drinks would likely have a sliding door. Usage could include separating the kitchen from the food prep area. Separating the main dining area from a back room, for private parties, also would be quite useful as well!

Hardware as the Trend

Even though the kind of hardware necessary for custom sliding closet doors hinges (no pun intended) on the architectural flavor of the building, with the burgeoning demand for sliding doors yields more hardware selections – from the newest stylish designs to incredible finish options. Manufacturers more than ever are even more interested in developing products to match the markets needs as well as those of the customers in the future.

The response has been great so far for those who have purchased custom sliding closet doors as they continue to become more modern than anything around in times past. The sliding door hardware trend is becoming quite popular indeed with as the best companies continue to push the envelope in their expansions with custom sliding closet doors made for specifically for their clients. Stainless steel industrial sliding barn doors are one of many innovative ways to find the perfect match for you. New custom sliding closet doors are constantly being designed to enhance their unique offering to any room. The trend will continue to grow by leaps and bounds as the community of architects and designers challenge themselves to find new and exciting possibilities.