Botox and filler training course

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botox injection points to learnIf you haven’t heard of the Dentox training course, then where have you been for the last 20 years? Taking the dental world by storm this training course has been purposefully designed to educate dentists and other dental health professionals in administering Botox and other types of dermal fillers – from Dysport to Voluma, Juvederm to Restylan. Constantly being updated thanks to the impressive research that is always ongoing in this field, the world leading expert behind Dentox is Dr Howard Katz, a man who has spent his entire career not only creating the very tools and techniques that are used within Botox therapy (and gaining the patents for them), but travelling all across the world in order to teach others. Now he is bringing his Botox training course to New York.

Although Botox is what Dr Howard Katz is known for best, that is actually just one third of the Dentox training course that dental professionals will be able to learn from; the other two areas are dermal fillers, and the third if PRP therapy, otherwise known as platelet rich plasma therapy. The dermal filler part of the course will cover consultations and the injecting itself, as well as billing, reimbursements, and marketing. The last part of the course will focus on the techniques and uses of platelet rich plasma therapy, and how it can be used for patients who would perhaps never have considered this type of procedure. By combining these three slightly different medical areas, attendees will be able to triple their knowledge base and triple the types of treatment that they are able to offer to their patients.

Make sure that you attend Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox training program in New York to greatly improve the ways that you can treat your patients.

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