Issues with full-body security scanners revealed by San Diego company


by Brighton Dental San Diego

As a society we have come to completely depend on the security systems that have been put into place for our own safety, especially at the airports that we travel in on a daily basis. However, UC San Diego have discovered through an extensive study that many full-body security scanners are not as effective as many people believe. In fact, many of them have such serious problems that people are able to sneak through explosives, firearms, and knives.

The researchers managed to alter the Rapiscan Secure 1000 backscatter X-ray machine to a point where no matter what the person that was being scanned was holding, it would show the ‘all clear’ imagine. This system of security is being used within many airports between the years of 2009 and 2013, and one of them was San Diego’s Lindbergh Field. However, since their first installation they have already been removed from many airports because they created images that were basically nude of passengers. That was considered to be a problem with people’s privacy, and others were worried that the low doses of radiation that was created by the machines could really damage people’s health.

On the other hand, the same scanners are used in many other important locations in the San Diego area, such as jails and courthouses. This means that this X-ray technology could inadvertently be hurting those people that use them; it could also mean that very dangerous objects could be snuck into jails for inmates to use. It is typical for security systems to have third party independent evaluations, and although there is some confusion as to why this has not been done sooner, many hope that this new study that has revealed such problems within the system will mean that the X-ray machines can be removed from public service.


What is Holistic Dentistry?


Research shows that about half of all Americans have used some type of holistic medicine for years, either as an alternative or a supplement to conventional medicine, in an attempt to maintain or restore health.

Holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holos’, which means whole.  The concept is based on the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts, an idea that has been attributed to Aristotle, and is also the idea behind Gestalt theory.

Holistic medicine in general means not simply treating an ailment, but treating the whole person.  Holistic dentistry (also known as Biological Dentistry) in particular is based on the idea that the mouth is just one part of a whole person, that the teeth are not separable from the patient, and that to care for the teeth, it is necessary to care for the patient.

In practice, this means not only recognizing that disease in the mouth can contribute to disease in the body, and vice versa, but also that materials used in the mouth influence the health of the rest of the body.

Just like there are multiple medications for a given ailment, there are lots of different materials that can be used to restore teeth.  Part of the reason for both of these is because there is no one medicine or dental material that is ideal for every patient.  Holistic dentists recognize this and, when doing any kind of restoration, strive to find the best material for that specific patient.

Many dentists, especially holistic dentists, no longer use silver fillings because they contain mercury.  Many of them will even remove mercury fillings and other toxic materials from the mouths of their patients when needed.  But holistic dentists observe very strict safety protocols when removing mercury fillings in order to prevent the release and absorption of excess mercury.  This is important because without these protocols, removing the fillings can be even worse than leaving them in place.

Holistic practitioners prefer natural products, believing them to be gentler on the body.  Many people have better reactions to natural treatments and experience fewer side effects.  Natural toothpastes and mouth rinses along with herbal and homeopathic remedies are all commonly recommended by holistic practitioners.  You may also find acupuncture for pain control and relaxation.

All of these practices and more are used to personalize treatment for individual patients so that each one can experience the best possible outcome.

Mercury Amalgam

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Colgate Total Toothpaste Contains Chemical Linked To Cancer  


Evidence available at the time Colgate Total toothpaste was approved by the U.S. FDA and new research available only recently calls into question the use of cancer-linked triclosan in the popular toothpaste brand. But company Colgate-Palmolive said at the time of approval in 1997 that research performed on animals is irrelevant. It maintains today that the product has been on the market for 18 years without reports of adverse reactions. To be on the safe side, however, consider the better option may be making your own toothpaste.

toothpasteIn animal research known at the time of FDA approval, triclosan was shown to cause premature birth, bone-related birth defects and more. New research now shows a link between the chemical and cancer cell growth. The new research was also conducted on animals.

A 2010 study has also linked triclosan, used to reduce bacterial contamination, to reduced fertility in laboratory mice. A 2013 study linked it to decreased fertility in rates.

In a 2003 study that’s especially alarming given the cancer link, triclosan was found in the urine of 75 percent of more than 2,500 adult and juvenile Americans who were examined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Colgate said the animal research didn’t matter because it was conducted on animals rather than people. It also maintains the 35 pages of toxicology information don’t prove harm can be caused to humans by the chemical and that more than 80 studies involving 19,000 humans have shown that the additive is safe.

No reports of problems have been brought to the attention of Colgate in the 18 years the product has been on the market. But would consumers know to blame their toothpaste for a cancer scare?

While it’s hard to say just how harmful triclosan is, there are many toothpastes that don’t contain it. Why, then, would anyone use a product that does? It’s a question that doesn’t require much pondering.

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By Treating A Variety of Medical Conditions, Botox Moves From Poison To Practice


A single gram of pure botulinum toxin can kill millions. The same amount of cyanide can kill only five or six people. Yet a large number of medical and cosmetic benefits have been discovered related to the botulinum toxin, and Botox for cosmetic and medical purposes (by trained physicians, dentists and nurses) has been used in common practice since 2002.

Botulinum Toxin

In many states, a well-trained dentist, esthetician or other medical professional can carefully inject Botox into your face or a problem muscle and provide you with amazing results.

You see, botulinum toxin causes paralysis. When your entire system is exposed to a large dose, that can cause widespread paralysis that eventually leads to respiratory failure and death. But when injected carefully and specifically into problem muscles, the diluted Botox product can weaken or paralyze only a specific muscle and cause it to no longer be able to create a wrinkle. Over time, the effect can last longer and provide more dramatic results.

But that’s not the only thing that’s amazing about Botox. When administered by a dentist or other medical professional with specific skills, it can weaken muscles that cause TMD symptoms, jaw clenching and even migraine headaches.

When you consider that the botulinum toxin in Botox is the same that’s found in soil and contaminated food, it’s yet again even more amazing what Botox can do for you. By blocking neuron communication, Botox stops problem muscles from doing their thing, leading to a variety of positive outcomes for patients. This little bit of poison works in the same way that homeopathic remedies utilize tiny doses of toxic substances to provide big relief from all sorts of symptoms.

It’s important not to underestimate botulinum toxin and the Botox product made from it, and it’s important not to avoid such an important cosmetic and therapeutic tool.


DIY Sliding Barn Doors – what can be easier?


interior barn door

Increasingly often lots of people are wondering how to create sliding barn doors on their own. The point is that such an approach can save you lots of money and bring more fun and enjoyment into your everyday life.

On the one hand, it also means that it will not be necessary to build another frame on your newly painted wall. On the other hand, this way it will be much easier for you to fit in a new door without ripping open the wall. Then, another thing you can take advantage of is that DIY stores offer the full spectrum of materials such as all types of mounting hardware for your sliding barn doors endeavor.

Of course, the process of door construction takes some time and efforts, therefore, it is better to divide it into several steps. This way you will not mix anything up and know for sure you are on the right track towards building your sliding barn doors.

1.    Taking right measurements

This step is by far the most important one in the entire process of sliding board doors construction. The point is that unless you take the exact measurements, your 2-days-work can go down the drain. As it is the worst thing to imagine, let’s get the right measurements and the explanation how to take it. Measure the width of your door and multiply it by 2. These will be the measurements of the hardware kit you need to order. Mind that the width should be measured from the outside edges of the casting.

2.    Integral parts of a DIY sliding barn doors

It goes without saying that to build any doors you will need a number of materials and tools to accomplish the project successfully. In case with the sliding barn doors, you will need the following: pine boards for the back, strappings for blocking, pine for the filler strips, pallet boards, cedar for face frame, pine for the mounting rail.

The number of the constituent parts necessary for the doors will naturally vary depending on the size of the sliding doors you need and, in fact, the opening you need to cover.

3.    Putting the “ingredients” together

Naturally, if you already have everything necessary to build sliding barn doors, it is the time for assembling the parts into something bigger that later will serve you as perfect DIY doors. Count the number of pine boards necessary to cover your opening and put them together. It may happen that you will need to slit the boards to width. Anyways, having measured the door casting from the bottom to the top, shorten them by 1/2 inch with a miter saw. Make sure that the blocks are placed along, well-clinched together. Then just use a bit longer strapping and out it at the top and bottom, screw everything together. The last thing you should do is to get rid of the clamps.

4.    Time for filler strips

It is the stage when you sliding barn doors will become doors more than a random square piece of wood. After cutting all the filler strips you need, just stick them together and top, middle, and bottom with a rail flush. It is also a good idea to leave an about 1-inch space below for the floor guide. Then, screw every strip.

5.    The chevron stage

Now we are about to cut the chevrons for our sliding barn doors. To do this, we need to cut our pallet boards using a miler saw. Mind that it is necessary to set the saw to 45 degrees. Then just put two similarly cut pallet boards together so that they make a visual arrow. Simply get rid of the extra length of each board by cutting their length. Do the same with other chevrons.

In case some corners do not fit, just cut them with a miter saw to fill the doors with pallet arrows.  After the cutting and fitting job is done, it is time for adhesives. Apply special adhesive glue to the undersides of the boards, put back and press a bit.

6.    Holes and frames

After the major work is done, the next step is to drill the pocket holes at the end of a rail. After that, there comes the framing stage. You can put the frame together simply by putting glue on the rails. Then, screw the stiles on the edge and get rid of the bar clamps.

7.    The last frame

It is almost the last stage before your sliding barn doors are ready. It means that you will need to use an adhesive to glue the face frame to the main construction. Fit it as carefully as it is possible and align with the edges. The finishing touch is to rub the door with 100-grit paper, cotton rag and paste wax.

8.    Installing the sliding barn doors

The next step is to screw up the rollers to the frame. Carefully measure the locations and then drill the holes into the edge. After that, it will be easy to screw the hardware into the holes and adjust the rollers.

Now it is high time to prepare the place for hanging your newly-created door to the wall. Therefore, you need to out the framing above the head casting. Measure everything to locate it right, drill the holes above the casting and add several deck screws.

9.    Now it is time for installing the track and fixing the door

Take the mounting board, measure and mark two spots there as well as mark the place for lag bolts there and drill the holes in the indicated places. Screw everything and tighten as much as you can.

The next step is to put the doorstops at both ends and roll the door on. It is finished. Good luck in your endeavor.

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Custom Sliding Doors Continue to Rise in Popularity


Sliding Closet DoorIt doesn’t take much to realize that custom sliding closet doors are gaining more popularity these days. Residents and commercial enterprises are gobbling up with gusto this trend, which according to experts will not let up for many years to come.

Custom sliding doors are growing steadily in usage each year mainly because designers are discovering new ways to integrate them into spaces.

Due to its explosive growth, a new revolution in manufacturing these custom sliding closet doors and hardware has stepped up to meet the spike in demand. Not too long ago, sliding barn doors were only available by custom design and build specs, but now they also come in a plethora of pre-fabricated options.

The hardware that accompanies the door has evolved as well with an unlimited amount of finishes, styles, and how durable the door is. It was only just recently that custom sliding closet doors were used in healthcare and office settings. Custom sliding closet doors are replacing traditional hinged doors that open inward/outwards in several new ways:

City Loft Apartments

Many associates, sales representatives, and store owners have seen a burst of custom sliding glass doors being used in revitalization projects. Old warehouses, manufacturing buildings, and even loft apartments have begun to select these custom sliding closet doors over more traditional options.

A mixture of exposed brick and columns helps the space retain its industrial feel of the room. Many young professionals happen to love this architectural style!

A rustic looking door is just what an industrial loft apartment might install for spaces that require privacy and style. Bedrooms and bathrooms will look super stylish when using a worn-out piece of hardwood to make something new (the door) look older.


A youth center would be a perfect choice for installing a custom sliding closet door. One side of the room could be used for a dedicated meeting area for prayer and study. The other side of the room could be used for games, events, and casual activities.

Choosing a large-scale sliding custom closet door to match a rough, industrial space can add a more aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the room. Exposed hardware secured to a wood barn door makes sense in any large-scale opening where you are going to leave it open most of the time.

ADA Applications

Besides the amazingly helpful benefits of saving space which is precious custom sliding closet doors meet ADA requirements as they are easy to for disabled people to use. From the positon of being in a wheel chair, it is much easier to operate a custom sliding closet door than a traditional open-wide door. People who are in motorized wheelchairs will find it a great help against the limited use of their hands. Opting for a larger opening will eradicate the worries of scuffing woodwork and doors while moving between different rooms in their wheelchair.


Most of the major hotel chains are currently investigating the use of custom sliding closet doors for their facilities. In guest rooms where pace is limited a little extra space is greatly appreciated! Hotels tend to use doors that look more shiny and sleek rather than rustic or industrial in their appearance. Custom sliding closet doors not only look great, but they overcome the annoying “door swing.” Custom sliding closet doors are mainly being used for the bathroom and closet door areas of a hotel room space. Aesthetically pleasing sliding doors are becoming the trend in hotels and will continue to be used for their space saving qualities.


Favored more for their charm, sleek looks and delightful appearance rather than their functionality, an establishment that serves food and drinks would likely have a sliding door. Usage could include separating the kitchen from the food prep area. Separating the main dining area from a back room, for private parties, also would be quite useful as well!

Hardware as the Trend

Even though the kind of hardware necessary for custom sliding closet doors hinges (no pun intended) on the architectural flavor of the building, with the burgeoning demand for sliding doors yields more hardware selections – from the newest stylish designs to incredible finish options. Manufacturers more than ever are even more interested in developing products to match the markets needs as well as those of the customers in the future.

The response has been great so far for those who have purchased custom sliding closet doors as they continue to become more modern than anything around in times past. The sliding door hardware trend is becoming quite popular indeed with as the best companies continue to push the envelope in their expansions with custom sliding closet doors made for specifically for their clients. Stainless steel industrial sliding barn doors are one of many innovative ways to find the perfect match for you. New custom sliding closet doors are constantly being designed to enhance their unique offering to any room. The trend will continue to grow by leaps and bounds as the community of architects and designers challenge themselves to find new and exciting possibilities.


Botox and filler training course


botox injection points to learnIf you haven’t heard of the Dentox training course, then where have you been for the last 20 years? Taking the dental world by storm this training course has been purposefully designed to educate dentists and other dental health professionals in administering Botox and other types of dermal fillers – from Dysport to Voluma, Juvederm to Restylan. Constantly being updated thanks to the impressive research that is always ongoing in this field, the world leading expert behind Dentox is Dr Howard Katz, a man who has spent his entire career not only creating the very tools and techniques that are used within Botox therapy (and gaining the patents for them), but travelling all across the world in order to teach others. Now he is bringing his Botox training course to New York.

Although Botox is what Dr Howard Katz is known for best, that is actually just one third of the Dentox training course that dental professionals will be able to learn from; the other two areas are dermal fillers, and the third if PRP therapy, otherwise known as platelet rich plasma therapy. The dermal filler part of the course will cover consultations and the injecting itself, as well as billing, reimbursements, and marketing. The last part of the course will focus on the techniques and uses of platelet rich plasma therapy, and how it can be used for patients who would perhaps never have considered this type of procedure. By combining these three slightly different medical areas, attendees will be able to triple their knowledge base and triple the types of treatment that they are able to offer to their patients.

Make sure that you attend Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox training program in New York to greatly improve the ways that you can treat your patients.

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Wisdom Tooth Pain Recovery


wisdom tooth painYou’ve just returned from the oral surgeon after your wisdom teeth extraction. Your cheeks are
puffy, the sides of your mouth are a little numb and you’re wondering what is coming up next. If
you can remember what the surgeon said then you are a step in the right direction to recovery.
If you have forgotten, fear not because we are here to describe to you a little about the recovery
process post wisdom teeth extraction.

Whether you’ve had two or all four removed, you may be experiencing some discomfort in the
areas of these once existing molars. If you are still numb, be careful not to move the mouth
excessively and chew on your tongue or cheek. That will be painful later on. While the swelling
is at its peak, be sure to ice down the inflamed areas from the outside for 1520
minutes two or three times an hour. This will help bring down swelling for the first two days until you are ready
to oral rinse. Since you have exposed wounds in the mouth, it is best to perform a warm
water/salt mix the day after surgery to help cleanse the area of bacteria. This will be the same
time you can resume brushing your teeth, gently, in order to avoid scratching the blood clots. If
you are weary of taking the prescribed painkillers, try to at least take the antibiotics to combat
possible infection. If you are still bleeding after 3 to 4 days, contact your oral surgeon because
you may be at risk of an infection.

The term “wisdom tooth diet” refers to only eating soft foods after the removal of your wisdom
teeth. The food may not be as boring as you think! Since we are not restricted to gelatin and ice
cream anymore, treat yourself to other soft foods like hummus, creamy guacamole or ramen
broth to stimulate the taste buds. Don’t rush back into harder foods until you are ready, these
types of food can get stuck in the open pockets where the teeth were extracted and can lead to
infection if not rinsed out properly. Fortunately, this will only last a few days so don’t stress! You
are not stuck to soft foods for too long. A crucial part of the wisdom tooth diet is not to use a
straw until you are recovered. The sucking action made when using a straw can loosen blood
clots prolonging the healing process. Rehydrate yourself, recovering from surgery may leave
you slightly parched. Since you really have nothing else to do in the meantime, be sure to give
your body adequate amounts of water while you’re watching Netflix. Try not to smoke and avoid
alcohol during your healing process. The Netflix and temptation to not go back to work and stay
“in recovery” for a while will be there, fight it, you’ve probably got student loans to pay off.
We know you may be an all natural person however if you are experiencing extreme discomfort,
it’s okay to take some ibuprofen to bring down the swelling. If you are experiencing slight
bruising and discoloration two to three days after surgery, provide a warm compress to the area.
Depending on the severity of your extracted wisdom teeth, you should be all healed and ready
to go on day four granted the recovery was smooth. While you’re out there enjoying all the
delicious foods and beers you want, carry your syringe to flush out any particles that may get
caught in the holes.

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What should I expect from a Holistic Dentist?


From the moment you decide to seek help from a holistic dentist, you have to realize that there are a lot of things that will be done differently. There are so many times that patients tend to choose a doctor without necessarily knowing what to do, or what they should expect. The first thing you need to know is that this is not going to be any experience like that which you have perhaps experienced from your normal dentist. The following are three of the most important things you will need to expect from your dentist:

Biocompatible Materials

This is an important concept, and you will almost certainly notice the effects if your body reacts. The dentist is supposed to use materials that do not cause any negative consequences to your body at all. This means that the materials they use are not supposed to be rejected by your body.

What we mean here therefore means that your natural dentist is not supposed to use things like metal fillings which have mercury. Other than that they are also supposed to be really keen about the chemical composition of the material that is used as white fillings.

Take note that a number of these products normally have BPAs, which will almost certainly cause a reaction with your body. Some of these materials also have the tendency of reacting with materials that might already be in your mouth. When this happens, at times it can create an electric current, which will almost certainly have an effect on your brain.

Safe Removal of Toxic Materials

One of the first things that this particular doctor will do is to strongly advise you to remove any toxic materials. This could include things like silver fillings because they normally have mercury in them. In as much as this will be done for you, the dentist will also try and make sure that the procedure is done in such a manner that you are not left exposed to toxic fumes which are normally released during the removal process, or any of the residues.

Take note that if these materials are removed from your body in a haphazard manner, there is a good chance that this will harm you health wise, just as much as leaving them in your body would.

Natural Products and Remedies

For a holistic procedure, it is important to realize that the dentist will be making use of natural products only. Even the procedures that will be put into use will be procedures that are natural. The concept here is to shun chemicals which will in the long run generate undesirable results. The chemicals normally have side effects, which in most cases you are not aware of.

For this reason, your dentist will have to advise you accordingly, so that you are able to get the treatment you desire, without having to worry about things like side effects at all. These are some of the expectations you need to look forward to when dealing with a holistic dentist.